This is only for those who are truly ready to let go of their old self in order to heal and move on with their new life. I believe that we can change only if we really want to and if we deeply believe that we can.

To make this possible we must fully immerse and trust in the process 100%. Be ready before you apply. I work closely only with 4 ladies at a time. For me, quality matters over quantity.

I know how hard it’s to be where you’re right now and I know how amazing it’s to break free from feeling fat, heavy, uncomfortable, depressed and very often ill. There’s no faster way to get there than taking a lift with a coach who can see what you can’t because you’re in the woods (you feel lost, right?) and she is not.


I’ve created a 4-week health transformation online program called VEGAN CAMP for Weight Loss Warriors and Selflove Seekers who are looking for a group support and want to create a healthy plant-based lifestyle on their terms.

The group is small and intimate, we’re going to help and inspire each other along the way. The seats are limited, so if you feel that it’s your time please apply to secure your spot. This program is open once a year in March.


I’ve created this 7-day retreat VEGAN CAMP in sunny Andalucia, Spain for women who need to get away to find their way. It’ll be a detox week where we’ll eat & make delicious healthy vegan food.

We’ll be learning about healthy lifestyle & have tons of fun exploring amazing Andalucia. I work with 4 women at the time. The seats are limited, so if you feel that it’s your time please apply to secure your spot now.

Don’t leave without joining Daria’s deliciously nutritious & loving family!