Ladies and G…gorgeous Ladies!

This book is ready for you for instant download. This is a Rainbow Juicing Challenge, a 7-day juicing detox. 7 most colourful days of your life, million vitamins and tons of energy!

When you cut out harmful toxic foods, saturated fats and empty refined carbs, and replace these with organic whole-food juices you’ll naturally lose weight.


It was with Daria that I took my first juicing challenge. Since then, the juices have settled in my life permanently. For me drinking a juice is an amazing moment of forgetfulness with a hint of the celebration of life and enjoying life in full abundance, joy and fulfilment. Daria, thank you for making our wonderful souls unremittingly awake! You infect endorphins and wonderful energy, you radiate warmth, grace and respect to people, nature and the world.

Thank you for your presence in my life, knowledge and experience that you share every day.

For me, you are the spark that ignites the great flame of healing.


I love Daria and her delicious lifestyle. Daria is full of good energy, love and acceptance. It was a pleasure to take part in her “Rainbow Juicing Challenges”. Great company, great advice, positive energy and something special that although the challenge ends, we still want to stay and stay! Until the next challenge! I recommend Daria for health, spirit and beauty.


Daria is a warm and wonderful person, full of positive energy and passion that inspires others. I took part in her juice challenges, which I value very much. I hope that we will meet in Spain next year.



For ladies who’d like to go into deeper detox, experience 7 colourful days, strengthen the immune system, test the willpower, feed the body with ‘million’ vitamins, have tons of energy and lose some weight the healthy way.


It’s a way to give your digestive system a rest. By drinking only juices, you’re reducing the amount of input and stress on your gut. This allows your body to heal and recharge, while also flooding it with vital phytonutrients. You’re giving your body time to play catch-up while pressing reset on your health.




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Improved Skin Tone


Grateful Tastebuds


Tons Of Energy




Reduced Inflamation


Healthy Weight Loss

This is STEP 3 of healthy detox (cleansing) of the body. Sign in to Daria’s Newsletter & get the free Gratitude Guide. Shaping your body starts with gratitude first. The highest form of exercise and diet you can feed your body with.

To learn more about the four steps of a safe detox I recommend. Buy yourself a first class ticket and get on the train to a comfortable life in your favourite pair of jeans, full of joy, and lightness body, clarity of mind and joy to wake up every morning being happy. Consciously appreciating every day.

The world of shelves in the supermarket creates confusion in your head. 100 years ago, 90% of products on supermarket shelves did not exist. This ebook will guide you on how to safely do a juicing detox.

Being overweight and ill isn’t your fault. Don’t be fooled! Be smart. Find out in an easy and quick way what’s best for you. Because what you’ve got on hand most often you use. So choose what’s valuable.

You don’t have time? If it’s important enough for you, you’ll find the time. If it isn’t, then you’ll find an excuse. You are one decision from living in a comfortable, beautiful, the one & only real, home which you can’t ever change – YOUR BODY!

‘Time and health are two most precious and unappreciated values until we lose them’

Walt Disney