Ladies and G…gorgeous Ladies! I am so excited! This is the moment! Your moment to a healthier, happier, delicious lifestyle & ultimate satisfaction you’ve been waiting for.

This book is ready for you for instant download. This isn’t an average ebook. There are 35 visual notes guiding you to a healthy vegan lifestyle and this represents your first step to a safe yet delicious detox. WARNING! You may fall in love with yourself and lose some weight, so if you aren’t up for that this book isn’t for you.


Hi. I’m Ela, yes I Know it’s hard to believe, but I’m 55 years old! I suffered from hypothyroidism, 25 unnecessary kilograms, impaired hormone balance, anxiety, distraction, such that I couldn’t do a shoelace!

I went to the side of health and well-being with a plant-based diet and conscious selflove. I look younger than when I was 45 and my energy levels are touching the sky! This ebook is so easy to follow and the food is so delish! The Rainbow Detox Challenge helped me immensely to follow through. I understood how to go about my excuses and stick to my real why! If only I knew it’s so simple before! Thank you Daria x


Daria is 34 years old (Yes, it’s me the founder of this project). I walk my talk. They say that you’re your own walking business card – Your eyes can see.

Well, I could not be here and fully understand what you’re going through if I wasn’t there, in the darkness myself. I know the feeling and I know how to walk this pathway to health and an amazing body. I am here to help you, so don’t hesitate to take advantage. I will do it for you with my heart open because I care about you, believe in you and love you girl!


Thanks to Daria’s E-books, a new quality and fresh breeze appeared on my table. Completely cathartic support and great suggestions!



For ladies who want to lose weight without stress, pills & being hungry. The delicious, easy and healthy way. Rainbow Detox is not a diet! It’s the tastiest experience on the planet!


Food and love are inseparable from each other.  I’ll show you how to use nutrition to manage your cravings, compulsive eating, create a natural, healthful, delish dishes made entirely from plants that will boost your energy levels and benefit your overall well-being.





What’s a safe yet delicious detox? Safe & Healthy Detox Pyramid


‘IF’ a very effective way to get rid of unnecessary excess weight


No Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Sugar – 5 easy to follow visual notes of Healthy Substitutes


Instant Download! Take advantage of the power of NOW!


7 Day Delicious Detox Menu & Shopping List


30 Visual Notes of 100% Vegan & Gluten Free, Easy to make Recipes

This is the STEP 1 of healthy, vegan detox (cleansing) of the body. Buy yourself a first class ticket and get on the train to a comfortable life in your favourite pair of jeans, full of joy, and lightness body, clarity of mind and joy to wake up every morning being happy. Consciously appreciating every day.

The world of shelves in the supermarket creates confusion in your head. 100 years ago, 90% of products on supermarket shelves did not exist. This ebook will guide you on what really serves your health and taste buds.

Being overweight and ill isn’t your fault. Don’t be fooled! Be smart. Find out in an easy and quick way what’s best for you. Because what you’ve got on hand most often you use. So choose what’s valuable.

You don’t have time? If it’s important enough for you, you’ll find the time. If it isn’t, then you’ll find an excuse. You are one decision away from living in a comfortable, beautiful, the one & only real, home which you can’t ever change – YOUR BODY!

‘Time and health are two most precious and unappreciated values until we lose them’

Walt Disney 





Buy The Rainbow Detox ebook now and join the 7-day Challenge!

Hurray! We’re having The Rainbow Detox Challenge!

If you feel like giving your taste buds an orgasm and by the way losing some weight, then girl what are you waiting for? Get the ebook and join the challenge that comes with it!

Joining now, right? Always better together… Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM.

What You’ll Learn in This Challenge

You will learn

  • How to stick to the promises you make to yourself in relation to food choices?
  • How to stick to your strong why and go about your excuses?
  • How to get out of the emotional state to stop compulsive eating?
  • Why does your body need a plant-based detox?
  • How to start this delicious journey of plant-based self-discovery?

All you need to start is an open mind and the rest will happen if you follow through.