!00% Plant based, Gluten & Sugar Free

This book is ready for you for instant download. This isn’t an average recipe ebook. There are 35 visual notes guiding you to a healthier lifestyle and this represents your first step to a safe yet delicious detox that your body needs to lose weight for GOOD!

Food and love are inseparable from each other.  I’ll show you how to use nutrition to manage your cravings, compulsive eating, create a natural, healthful, delish dishes made entirely from plants that will boost your energy levels and benefit your overall well-being.

I understand that we may not be ready to jump straight to easting just fruits and vegetables and it is actually smarter to do it slowly, that’s why I focus a lot on transition time, allowing our body to heal, detox and transform. The real change happens when we permanently replace our habits and adopt healthy practices into our everyday life.

This book will guide you how to make a lasting change in your diet and life. Because you are here, it means you are looking for solution to some problem and you seek a way to solve that once and for good. You are in the right place.