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    I’m Daria, Life Coach, Health Mentor, Author, Entrepreneur & CEO of dariasanetra.com, a health awakening platform.

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My plant based foods story


am self-made successful expert in natural healing of the chronic problems, often seen as untreatable. Very often I am the last hope, when everything else has failed, when nothing works anymore.

If you want to achieve impossible, when doctors say there is no cure – changing your diet might be the way.

People avoid changing their diet because raw plant based food still sounds not so familiar, and they are afraid. But once they do, they are amazed how easy this is and how mind blowing are the results. They almost regret they haven’t done it sooner.

I knew nothing about plant-based foods until my mid 20’s. In fact, I remember when I first found out that there are people who only eat plants. I thought if I were to eat only plants, I would die or harm my system, somehow.

Now I know that fear came from being ignorant of the facts and a lack of understanding of the human body and mind.

Also, before I gained the knowledge and understanding about what’s best for the human body, there was that one thing, that something special I felt about the plant-eating people I met. They had that awesome energy about them; kindness, patience, vibrancy and respect. And I knew I wanted to be like that too.

Before & After



    Traumatic but awesome. My father was an alcoholic, so my mum got divorced when I was about 3 years old. I spent a lot of time in my native Poland in fields full of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and currants. I grew up as a forest girl, gathering  wild blueberries, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms and other edible gemsI found in the forest. This is what I mainly remember and I choose to call it a very happy childhood.


    It’s so hard to choose just one! I love ‘ONE’ by ‘U2’ and ‘Human Touch’ by Bruce Springsteen.

    I also adore listening to Loreena McKennitt; I love her album ‘Nights from the Alhambra’.


    Not sticking to a legal profession and, instead, investing in personal growth and studying the human body and mind. However, I learnt a lot about human minds and behaviours in the legal world what made me an excellent psychologist!


    Fruit and veggies in their most natural form, mostly raw. Raw pizzas and pastas happen too – one must live a little, right?


    Roller skating and hula-hooping.


    I used to be a chips (crisps) addict! Nowadays, I stick to the guilt-free dehydrated quality version of them. And I do have a coffee every now and then – sorry, I still can’t resist! I know, I know…I’m not perfect and that’s just fine; I love it!


    Seeing other women succeeding in life and helping them on their weight-loss, health and self-love journey. I wholeheartedly believe that this is where the journey to all success in any woman’s life begins.


    I’ve visited more than 35 countries and while travelling I found the one and only, forever-sunny Andalucia in Spain. So I decided to make it my home.


    I have two degrees: a Masters in Political Science and a degree in Law. I realise these qualifications seem to have little connection with what I do today, but at heart I’m a human rights activist and a protector of all living creatures, but  in a loving way. I’m very sensitive to the suffering of children and animals – the most innocent, fragile beings. And I dream to save and supporting  more and more of them.


    Weight gain at an early age, hormonal imbalance, anemia, skin problems,  severe hair loss, gallstones, decreased pepsin secretion, decreased bone mineral density, malnutrition – severe deficiency in vitamins and minerals, lead poisoning, parasite infections, binge eating, depression.


Daria taught me that awareness is the first step in healing. I realised I was very blocked emotionally. She encouraged me to honestly reassess and strengthen damaged relationships with certain family members and talk through problems with them in person, bearing in mind some key elements that she very skilfully brought to my attention, beforehand. As a result of the talks I felt a lot less frustrated and sad. I was then able to properly focus on my own health. Over the space of the following 11 months I have happily shed a stone (14 pounds) in weight and continue to drop towards my goal.

Hi. I’m Ela, I’m 56 years old. I suffered from hypothyroidism, 25 unnecessary kilograms, impaired hormone balance, anxiety, distraction, to the point that I couldn’t do up a shoelace. Now I’m going through the menopause. I know we women get it all!

I went to the side of health and well-being with a plant-based diet and conscious selflove. Now I look younger than when I was 45 and my energy levels are touching the sky! I understand now how to forget about my excuses and stick to my real ‘whys’!

If only I knew how simple it is before. And yes I’m Daria’s Mum and it’s taken me a while before I got over  common diet stereotypes and trusted a plant-based lifestyle. I’ll never look back. So don’t worry if your family members are reluctant – we all get there in time, but what’s important is to lead by example not force, stress or coercion.

It was with Daria that I took my first juicing challenge. Since then, juices have settled in my life permanently. For me drinking a juice is an amazing moment of forgetfulness with a hint of the celebration of life and enjoying life in full abundance, joy and fulfilment. Daria, thank you for making our wonderful souls unremittingly awake! You infect endorphins and wonderful energy, you radiate warmth, grace and respect to people, nature and the world.

Thank you for your presence in my life, knowledge and experience that you share every day.For me, you are the spark that ignites the great flame of healing.


Daria Sanetra

Healthy Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur & CEO of dariasanetra.com, a health awakening platform.

Daria says: “I combine what’s researched with what is unexplored” in:
  • Creative Psychology,

  • Meditation,

  • Science,

  • Quantum,

  • Holistic View of Life and Health,

  • Plant based Nutrition.

She learnt about body, mind and business from amazing mentors: Dr Robert Morse, Dr Douglas Graham, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield.
She is a believer in the future world of ‘Ubuntu’ (Ubuntu philosophy) – ‘I am because you are’ – so we are all ONE and ‘Ahimsa’ (Sanskrit philosophy) – that together as ONE we follow ‘the ethical principle of not causing harm to other living things’.
Daria recommends a healthy, sustainable and high conscious plant-based lifestyle in her books and via her online programs. She holds regular retreats and workshops in Andalucia, Spain, which offer women a private, safe and encouraging, supportive space to start a journey of inner cleansing on a mental and physical level.

Daria’s quotes

"Don’t DIEt, HEALth!
We cannot heal parts of ourselves, it’s all or nothing.
your viewpoint
upside down.
Holistically."— Daria Sanetra. “Your Emotional Belly Cure”. Apple Books.