• 1. Who is this method for?

    For young people, adults and the elderly who want to learn more about themselves, they are ready to confront their own conflicts and emotions. For people who volunteer for an individual session without any pressure from third parties.

  • 2. What does this private consultation look like?

    The session lasts 1 hour and consists in a conversation during which I carefully listen to the client and define the purpose of the session. Then I ask a number of questions and together we try to find answers to them. The client is alone with me in the office or at on-line – without the presence of witnesses or third parties. There is no need to undress; even if we jointly decide that it is worth using The Quantum Touch method, the client remains fully clothed.

    During the session, I do not use any physical touch, except when using Quantum Touch Method or for emergency interventions, e.g. in fainting, fainting or in the phase of rapid emotional release.

  • 3. How to prepare for the consultation?

    Come. I conduct the entire interview on site, asking the client the right questions at the right time.
    I do not require filling in any forms before the session and I do not read the medical history sent to me by e-mail until I agree it with the client.
    As long as the client has some medical test results, I always read them carefully and for this purpose I ask you to bring them.
    Before starting the first consultation, please sign the Client’s Statement, which is valid for the entire period of cooperation in therapy and meets the requirements of the GDPR.
    There is no requirement to stop taking medication, drink more water, or engage in any spiritual or other practices. All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to talk frankly and openly.

  • 4. How many consultations will be needed to heal my inner conflict?

    I never know this at the beginning of the meeting; more – after the first session.
    The best answer to this question is after the end of therapy from the perspective of retrospect: how many sessions were needed.
    You never know what may be hidden under the layer of one conflict with which the patient reports. Sometimes, an apparently small matter holds the client for multiple sessions, and the cause of a serious illness can be decoded in a single meeting. Many factors have their influence on it, of which the client’s readiness and openness, the right moment for therapy, a favorable environment or acquired knowledge are only a small part of the whole.
    In general, as a rule, my answer is that most often no more than 5 sessions, and in sporadic cases more, and this happens especially when the client reports at once with many ailments at once or in the case of complications.
    It is also different when the client comes again with the same topic, and when he comes back again after some time, because a new problem has emerged. In this case, it is difficult to treat it as a continuity of therapy, although it obviously has many benefits for the patient whose problems are already known to me. Then the help is usually much faster.

  • 5. Can you work with a child or animals with this method?

    The method of Healing by Consciousness is based on the universal laws of nature and as such offers its help to all living creatures, both adults and children, and even animals.
    Children and pets are not part of the session, only the adult who works on them.
    This is the only exception when I work with third parties and not directly with the sick person.
    The parent or guardian shows me the patient’s conflict and together we look for the cause of his ailments. Then, after returning home, the client works with the child or pet on his own, using the recommended techniques of own work (work with a photo, conversation, writing a release letter or another).
    It is worth noting here that both children and pets to a large extent manifest conflicts in the living family, taking the burden of unworked emotions onto themselves and thus unburdening unaware adults. Therefore, it is good for the adult with whom the child is most in conflict or most aware of the processes taking place at home to report to work in the office. Similarly with the animal: it is best that the adult who is most emotionally attached to it, or simply the owner, appears at the consultation.

  • 6. Can an individual consultation with this method replace a medical advice or treatment?

    No. A one-to-one session is not a substitute for medical advice or any medical tests or practices. It is a perfect complement to treatment in conventional medicine or therapy in the current of Healing by Consciousness as a separate entity. All decisions related to chemotherapy, drug discontinuation, surgery, vaccinations, etc. are made by the client on their own or in consultation with their physician.

  • 7. Do I need to bring a medical examination/tests?

    No, but of course the more precise data we have, the faster and more accurately the cause of the conflict is reached. Working with a client who points at his back says, “Oh, I’ve been in pain for a week” than with one who brings the results and the description of the X-ray examination of the spine is completely different.
    Sometimes, however, you have no choice and then it is better to use such a consultation and work on the symptoms (e.g. in the case of a child’s fever, severe pain or persistent inflammation) than to wait a few months for the examination date.

  • 8. How is your method different from classical psychotherapy?

    Let us start with the fact that there are many differences and they are significant. First of all, when working in the field of biology and physics and the determinants of nature, we go much deeper into causation than in any psychotherapy.
    None of the currents of psychotherapy focuses so heavily on the direct connections between psycho-emotional conflicts with the tissues or organs of the human body. Here we have much greater precision in diagnosing the cause and discovering the purpose of the disease.
    The tools used in methods I use allow you to reach the primary source of conflict faster: in over 70-80% of cases it happens during the first consultation. In addition, there are many excellent exercises, tools and techniques of your own work that allow you to release any discovered emotions that appear during the consultation, which brings immediate relief and allows you to return to full health.

  • 9. I don’t have a lot of money - does it make sense to come to 1 session?

    Yes. One meeting is 60 minutes of very intensive work, during which you can learn a lot about yourself and your family, and then learn even the basic techniques of your own work that can bring relief to the client in the future and help in self-healing. Every single thing we do for ourselves brings a lot to the information field of our own and our ancestors and offspring, so it is also worth looking at it from a broader perspective.

  • 10. Will what I say be kept secret?

    Yes. I absolutely believe in following the rules of professional ethics, and my motto in this matter is: “You can lose your reputation only once”.
    Everything that is said in the office is confidential and remains between the client and me.
    When I work with people who are close to each other or with families, the rule is: you can share with each other whatever you consider important, but I do not answer any questions about the therapeutic process of third parties.
    I have been working with public figures, and I know how discretion and a sense of security are important in these positions. Anyway, in my opinion, this applies to absolutely everyone and in my opinion everyone has an equal right to respect and mutual trust.
    Sometimes I describe various disease cases in my articles for newspapers or blogs, but I never provide real personal data without the consent of the client, and I change some facts so that – while maintaining the true meaning of the discussed matter – I do not reveal the patient’s identity.
    When providing customer reports from trainings, workshops or individual sessions, their references or recommendations, I always disclose data only with the consent of the client or sign them as anonymous.