I’m a hug giver, sun lover, travel freak, yoga doer and full time fun seeker!

I’m Daria,  a passionate raw/vegan chef & trainer (nutrition advisor/detox specialist) & intuitive wellness coach.

I travelled to more than 30 countries and still travel around the world to learn about food, cook with local people and get inspired to create the most deliciously nutritious, raw/vegan recipes. Mexican, Italian, Indonesian, Indian, Mediterranean style, to name but a few!

I’ve visited more than 100 raw/vegan restaurants from Bali all the way to Mexico and can proudly say I know my subject very well! However, I can never wait for my next journey to learn even more! Create more and eat more!

Most importantly I ‘m a happy soul dedicated to helping you become the most gorgeous woman you dream to be.

A born and raised Polish girl with a passion for the world to be a place full of peace and love. I’m a woman. I build, I don’t tear down other women.

I’ve felt the pain of being torn down and I decided I’ll be loving and building other women up.

All too often, we women find it easier to criticise each other, instead of raising each other up. With all this negativity going around, my mission to empower women was born.

I’m developing a worldwide community of healthy, confident and beautiful women. I inspire the #womenoftheworldtakeover their health, dreams and lives.

Since a was a little girl I always had girlfriends coming to me to help them solve ‘their everyday problems’ as their ‘junior psychologist’.

On call to this day, always hearing that I give them power, love, understanding and empowering them to overcome anything they may be facing. I’ve always loved that aftermath feeling of peace I was leaving in their hearts.

But I am sure you know life isn’t a ‘straightforward thing’. We often have to get lost before we are found. Yes, that ‘junior psychologist’ although always on call for others, herself she faced a lot of hardship; she was helping everybody else but was never able to open up to help herself, for a very long time.

Born into a family with an alcoholic father, growing up and seeing my mum facing everyday hardship made me build a wall around me (or I like calling it a fat layer) to hide and protect myself from hurt. Food became my anaesthetic. My best friend yet my worst enemy.

I’m blessed to have an amazing and strong mother. I feel this is what really kept me going. She was loving and protecting me as much as she could. Together with my beloved grandparents who gave me a loving second home in a beautiful countryside. Nature was my drug and healer in those days which I mostly spent on the fields or in the forests.

I’m a very ambitious person but my teens and early 20s were hard years for me. I was overweight, I didn’t accept myself, I didn’t like myself, I so much hated my thighs – there were so big! I didn’t see a purpose for my life. I went to university without fully understanding why I was doing it. I don’t think I was ready to become a Political Scientist at the age of 22, (I don’t think I will ever be ready), so I put the diploma into the drawer and I moved to England.

I spent a decade in England. There, I was completely lost with myself. I had no sense of purpose. I’ve done a lot there, but always felt it wasn’t enough, I wasn’t enough. So I kept eating and pretending I was happy when I really wasn’t. Waking up every day was a punishment.

I worked in a few places, set up a business (language school), went to university, got another diploma, this time to become a lawyer. Tried it, didn’t feel it was for me. I still had no sense of purpose, so I kept eating and numbing myself.

Getting titles and opportunities for well-paid jobs didn’t help. I was unhappy, depressed, lost, fat, ill. I was in a beautiful relationship yet I felt lonely. I was relying on my partner to make me happy rather than making myself happy. I know now that it wasn’t fair on him. (I also know now that many women do that as a way to happiness – not a good way!).

I didn’t trust anybody. I visited every single doctor. I took tons of supplements, as I had no energy. I drank scary mixtures from Chinese healers. Took every single health test available to try to understand what was wrong with me. There isn’t a diet I didn’t try, thinking that when I lose weight all my worries and problems will disappear.

I was on a diet almost all the time, well usually until 6 pm every evening. I was numbing my feelings with food when I felt lonely. The kind of food I ate and how much of it was only making me fat and sick.

Unfortunately, there was nobody that I found who was able to help me. I seemed to meet people that were not really hearing me. So I started my own journey to hear and understand myself. I became obsessed with research on food, nutrition, human psychology and biology for almost 10 years now.

Today, I am the happiest plant-based food nutritionist advisor and intuitive wellness coach on the planet! However, most importantly, a woman that has travelled a long way to find inner peace and beauty before truly looking into the mirror.

I was overweight for many years and very unhappy inside. The climb to where I’m now was like Mount Everest, long and full of obstacles. Now I can proudly say that after a long fight with myself and hating myself for the way I looked and who I was, now I’m free!

I feel amazing, beautiful, unique and most importantly, conscious of health. I truly believe that this is the way out of this trap with the supermarkets full of trash food supported by a media trap full of toxic stuff, manipulating our beautiful minds for profit

It took me a few years of research, education and experimenting before I found the solution to life in a comfortable, healthy and happy home… I mean body! This taste of freedom is amazing and will be so much worth some work on your part if you choose to take part.

Walt Disney said ‘Time and health are two most precious and unappreciated values until we lose them’. Today I help beautiful women like you to regain health through plant-based diet and selflove, not to waste any more time feeling crap, fat, ugly and worthless. I felt like that, I was there and I understand that you don’t want to feel that way!

My mission is to empower every single woman on this planet, so she feels beautiful, confident and full of love for herself. My mission is to empower you my Sunshine!

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Food and love are inseparable from each other. Food acts as an anesthetic – the more food we eat, the less severe feelings we experience. Understanding your emotions first will solve your weight & health related problems.

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