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Waist Reduction Starter Plan:

7-Day Vegan Nutrition Program with Delicious Recipes, Complete Shopping List to make Your Meal Prep Extra EASY! & 7-Day Gym Workout Plan

Shaping your body starts with gratitude first. The highest form of exercise and diet you can feed your body with. This is the most effective waist reduction starter kit, you’ll ever come across. Healthy without the hard.


Raw & healthy vegan eating was never so delicious. Easy steps on how to enjoy a healthy plant-based lifestyle, regulate weight and enjoy a safe yet delicious detox, the easy way.


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TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. Join full of delicious fun online detox programs: vegan challenge, raw vegan challenges, juicing challenges, smoothie challenges


The reason for recommending “Vegan Camp Online” is one: a consciously healthy life. Daria taught me and my daughter how to change the diet of a diabetic person and this is a real revolution! Her program is filled with love. Now in our lives, we eat a rainbow and a healthy style of nutrition prevails!

It is fun and wise with Daria. Professional knowledge is portioned (does not overwhelm) and teaches how to think, breathe, eat and live healthily. This program is perfect for us during those early days of confusion when we were starting the journey of the colourful plant-based food.

On top, Daria listens and hear the needs. She was always ready to answer every question we had with love and acceptance. If you’re feeling lost on your pathway to health here is the best place to start. My daughter loves being in the kitchen now! She’s feeling confident about what serves her best and her energy levels rocket! Priceless feeling! 

Magdalena & KarolinaPoland

In Aug 2018, I took part in “Vegan Camp Online”, a very important event for me as I was totally lost what healthy plant-based lifestyle & food meant among so many different options. Being young mum and wanting to get to my natural shape and the best for my children I was looking for a solution that will last.

Thanks to Daria I learned a lot about a wholesome plant-based lifestyle & wellbeing. Now I can proudly say that this lifestyle accompanies me every day. I don’t fear it any more it’ll make me deficient of protein, calcium etc. Especially, that I love training and building muscle mass. Now I understand that only well-nourished body looks fabulous! 

I recommend it to anyone who hesitates whether this healthy lifestyle is for them. Daria supported me through every step, even when the crisis came in she was there to save me. I am delighted & very grateful.


I love Daria and her delicious lifestyle. Daria is full of good energy, love and acceptance. It was a pleasure to take part in her “Rainbow Juicing Challenges”. Great company, great advice, positive energy and something special that although the challenge ends, we still want to stay and stay! Until the next challenge! I recommend Daria for health, spirit and beauty.


Don’t leave without joining Daria’s deliciously nutritious & loving family!