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Thanks to Daria’s E-books, a new quality and fresh breeze appeared on my table. Completely cathartic support and great suggestions!

Daria is a warm and wonderful person, full of positive energy and passion that inspires others. I took part in her juice challenges, which I value very much. I hope that we will meet in Spain next year.

I can’t thank Daria enough for her absolute patience and being there for me, when I really needed her. She has a special skill of listening and understanding the situation. A while ago she helped me to solve the biggest problem with my daughter, who was 10 years old and on a special diet because of her eczema. She was secretly eating food that was not good for her and I was so helpless as she wasn’t listening and kept doing it. Thank to Daria, I was able to overcome this big problem.

She has helped me to spot the cause and to find better communication with her. A few months later the problem didn’t exist anymore and stayed like that till today. It is amazing! Later Daria also contributed to my eczema coaching groups and always had a helpful advice for my students when it comes to psychology and diet. I am very thankful for her advice and support.

Wow. This camp was just the right thing in the right moment. All about love. Of others, of myself, of nature, of food, of music, of health, of body, mind and soul. All my senses celebrated life with me and my companions. Daria is an incredible soul, who wonderfully escorted us through this magical experience.

Thank you, Daria, for this amazing Wellness Vegan Camp, it was very soothing, relaxing, connecting with Nature. I will always remember the first time we met, two months before the vegan camp, I first saw you and your smile and aura were so kind and luminous like in a 70’s movie; it was like love at first sight. So peaceful. Delicious raw vegan dishes, thank you, Daria! Much Love! I recommend it to every woman.

It was with Daria that I took my first juicing challenge. Since then, the juices have settled in my life permanently. For me drinking a juice is an amazing moment of forgetfulness with a hint of the celebration of life and enjoying life in full abundance, joy and fulfilment. Daria, thank you for making our wonderful souls unremittingly awake! You infect endorphins and wonderful energy, you radiate warmth, grace and respect to people, nature and the world.

Thank you for your presence in my life, knowledge and experience that you share every day.

For me, you are the spark that ignites the great flame of healing.

Daria taught me that awareness is the first step to healing. I realised I was very blocked emotionally. She encouraged me to honestly reassess and strengthen damaged relationships with certain family members and talk through problems with them in person, bearing in mind some key elements that she very skilfully brought to my attention beforehand. As a result of the talks, I felt a lot less frustrated and sad. I was then able to properly focus on my own health. I have happily shed over a stone (18 pounds/8kg) in weight and continue to drop towards my goal. The severe bloating/ inflammation in my stomach (which I’ve suffered from since 1998) has very nearly disappeared.

When I started working with Daria, I wasn’t in a good space. After the break-up of a long term relationship, I felt lost and very unhappy. My body pictured the sad state of my mind. Somewhere in my sessions with Daria I slowly started to believe that I could achieve the body I dream of, regardless of many failed attempts. The two key lessons from my weight loss journey are: First, sometimes we can’t make it on our own. I tried for over fifteen years. Sometimes it is important to ask someone for help. Even if we manage other areas of life well. In my case, my work with Daria as my coach was the missing link. I had someone to keep me accountable. Someone who genuinely cared.

And who kept asking many life changing questions as well as helping me process my emotional issues. Second, finding my own way to my perfect weight. In my case apart from eating mainly plant-based, it is water fasting. Over the period of four months I have lost 35 pounds/16 kg and am still keep going. I have four more kilos to lose to get to my ideal weight. I am so grateful to Daria for her huge level of care and support and for helping me make my dream a reality.

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Daria Sanetra

She’s an Author, Entrepreneur and Certified Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration Specialist. She’s also a plant based chef, fruit lover and raw food enthusiast. She shares secrets from her kitchen to help you find your healing path through amazing but simple flavours of plant based cooking.

Daria shows us a simplicity in physical and spiritual transformation through plant-based food & self-love. She helps women to regulate their weight and to heal chronic conditions  through a fresh, new lifestyle.
From  her beginnings in Political Science and Law to becoming a plant lover who gathers everything edible that nature can provide, Daria’s  philosophy is to learn and grow every day in her journey of life and to care for, protect and support other living creatures.
She struggled in her early years with being overweight for a long time and battled an eating disorder. She was ill and got tired of not knowing why she was suffering from such poor health at such a young age.
Her journey to health began when she took various courses in nutrition and wellness, and read a library of health books on Human Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Self-Development and tested many different diets. She travelled to more than 35 countries in her quest to seek ultimate health. She continues to  travel around the world to learn and understand more  about nature’s healing foods, from  local people, who have been benefiting from the healing aspects of plants for decades. All this proved vital in becoming inspired to share her wealth of knowledge in creating the healthiest,  finest, most delicious and nutritious, weight-loss proven plant-based recipes and health programs for you!
Daria recommends a healthy, sustainable and high conscious plant-based lifestyle in her books and via her online programs. She holds regular retreats and workshops in Andalucia, Spain, which offer women a private, safe and encouraging, supportive space to start a journey of inner cleansing on a mental and physical level.
She learnt about body, mind and business from amazing mentors, such Dr Robert Morse, Dr Douglas Graham, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield.
She is a believer that “Your health is an investment, not an expense.”  
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